Understanding Token Number


A store can use an additional number with the ticket number. This number is called a Token number. A store can print this number in the customer’s receipt and also in the kitchen receipt. To turn on the token number go to back-office–> admin–> store configuration–>charges–> check the box named token no start from and insert a number where they want to start the number from.


  1. Insert a token number where you want to start the number generating from.
  2. If you want to reset the number every time when you open the store, check this box.
  3. Press ok to save the changes.

Now to show this number in the receipts please go to back-office–> admin receipt configuration–> main receipt & kitchen receipt–> add the token number from the parameters to your preferred location.


  1. Click on the Token number parameter. 
  2. Double click on the location where you want to show the token number.
  3. Select your order type.
  4. Save the changes.

The same way you can add the token number in the kitchen receipt.


Now, restart the POS will show the token number in your receipts.

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