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ORO POS allows database migration from Aldelo POS. It requires the following steps.

  • Create a fresh database in ORO POS with no demo data.
  • Back up Aldelo database.
  • Migrate the database.
  • Create menu modifier groups.
  • Store configuration.
  • Design menu page.
  • Create order types.
  • Change the user’s password.

Once you run ORO POS after downloading it from our website, it runs in the built-in derby single database. To create a new fresh database in derby single please delete the “Database” folder and run the ORO POS application.

Now a window will prompt to configure your database. Click on “Yes” to create a database schema with no demo data and save it.   

Next, you will have a fresh database with no demo data inside.

If you are an Aldelo POS user, you probably already know how to take the database back up. Just to remind you of the process, go to their back-office–> back up database–> keep the back up in a secure place of your terminal/computer.

Go to ORO POS back-office–> admin–> import data from other POS–>enter privileged password(1111)–>select Aldelo–> select the backup database of your Aldelo POS–> open

Now import all data from Aldelo backup database. 

After importing, You will see a “Success” message. Now restart the POS.

Every POS has its own style of representing menu items to the grid. ORO POS keeps its menu modifiers under modifier groups. So for keeping Aldelo modifiers under the modifiers group, Please create your modifier groups and add modifiers of your choice under those groups. 

To create modifier groups and to add modifiers under them go to back-office–> explorers–> menus & others–> menu modifier groups–> create new

Next, add the menu modifier groups to the menu items page. To know more about it please visit here

Provide all your store-related information here. Please check all the tabs of this page and provide the information of your choice. 

Restart the POS.

To know more about menu page designers please visit here

To create an order type and select the menu categories for that order type please go to back-office–> admin–> order type–> create new

  1. Click on “Create new”.
  2. Name your order type.
  3. Select the options features based on the order type.
  4. Select the “Categories” you want to show in this order type. 
  5. Press “OK” to save. 

Restart the POS.

To know more about it please visit here.

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