How to activate POS & plugin licenses


Floor Plan



After a user has purchased ORO POS license,  needs to obtain Terminal Key for the terminal where the user wants to run the POS. 


License activation process overview 


The user needs to run the POS and copy the license key and send over helpdesk/email to orocube. When the user will get the license approval notification, the user can activate it by order number or importing the license file. 


How to get the terminal key

For active POS 

Terminal key is a unique 32 digit identifier of the user’s computer.  User can find it in back-office–>help–> about dialog.



Users need to select 32 digit terminal key and copy(ctrl+c) this key and send it to helpdesk  In case a user is running ORO POS demo follow this page. 


Running for the first time/expired POS

The user will find the following screen with the long 32-digit terminal key. Tapping on the copy button will copy the terminal key in the clipboard. 



Activate license

It may take 3 – 12 hours to receive a license ready in our server.

There are two ways to activate it.

  • Online Activation using the Order number
  • Offline Activation using Lic File


Activate using the order number 

Go to back-office–>help–> about and license info and update license



Select “Activate online” and enter purchase order number and press “Activate” button. When successfully activated restart the POS.


Activate offline using the license file 

If you are running POS offline or have connectivity issues we will also send  license as “.lic” file. In this case you need to select “I have license” option and click on the “Import license” button.  Select that license file.




Your license will be activated and your POS will be ready on next restart.


Update existing license

Check your license information from back office–> help–> about–> license info. To avoid any kind of interruption of the service you should  purchase license ahead of that has been expired.  To update existing license click on update license in License Information page.



How to activate plugin licenses

You should remove any plugin that you do not want to use from plugins folder. Otherwise you can also skip plugins by accepting “continue with default” prompt.

When you have plugin licenses  go to back-office–>select the plugin you want to activate–> about–> activate–> use the license file to activate or use the purchase order number.


Please note you need to restart multiple times after activation of each plugin license. In recent version you can also activate plugin license online.