Author: Samir Obyed

QR Code Plugin

Which Country need QR Code Plugin: Countries like Argentina, China, Croatia, Greece, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Indonesia, Portugal, Sweden are using QR Code sales receipt. In these countries, businesses are required to issue QR code receipts for all sales transactions. This requirement is typically implemented as part of a government effort to combat tax evasion,…

ORO POS – Order Taking

Order Taking # When the server initiates an order he first taps on Order type. There are 4 Main types of orders in our system.  Admin may create custom order types. Order Type Features DINE-IN Table Service requires Table & optionally guest number. The customer pays after the service has been fulfilled. TAKE OUT Quick service…

OROPOS-Order Types

Commonly Take Out & Dine In are two known Order types in food service. Small stores often have one order type. Our system gives users to define custom order types. Take Out orders is also known as Quick service. Guests pay bills before food is served. Cashiers stand behind the cash registers,  customers approach them, …

What’s new in Floreant POS 1.5

New feature: Auto Login:POS will not prompt for PIN and automatically login as one of the users. This is useful for small shops where one person takes care of all the sales activities. To set this go to the back office→ admin→ configuration→terminal tab. Multiple Tax per item added For a new Tax Group. To…

Upgrade from 1.4 to 1.5

After upgrading from 1.4. to 1.5. The modifier group needs to be reset manually.

Super password :

Sometimes for cleaning up the database users need a Super password. Super password should be the particular date YYYYMMDD. For Example: For this particular date 2022/02/28 password should be 20220228.

Why My Item is Gray in the Order screen

If the item is disabled in the order screen then it will be gray. To disable any item in the order screen go Order Screen–> Quick settings–>Press 86 —>Select Item.  86 is a commonly used term in restaurants that indicates an item is out of stock or no longer available to be served to guests….

Electronic Invoice / QR code in Receipt

For adding Electronic Invoice/ QR code go to Back-Office–>Admin–>Store Configuration–>Branding tab. Then upload the QR code image as a logo. For example, we are attaching a receipt with a QR code in Epson TM 20II. Following countries require/recommend QR code in recipt : Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), Portugal, Austria, Germany, Sweden, Poland, Ireland, Spain,…

Automatically open / close a store

Go to Back-Office–>Admin–>Store Configuration–>Session 1. Auto open store when first user clocks in If this is enabled, the store will be opened automatically when the first user clocks in.2. Auto close store: If this is selected, you need to select a time when the store will be closed automatically. At that time the store will…

Payroll Report

Added date selection in the payroll report Added a new field ‘Regular work hour (weekly)’ in the edit user dialog. By default, it sets 40 hours. This is needed for the weekly payroll report. also added two new field overtime type and payment type.