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In order to make Floreant in your language, you have to translate message file. Default messages are stored in i18n/message.properties file. You have to make a copy of the file according to your language. We follow ISO 639 naming convention

Change Language file with VI / Notepad++

You can translate it using any text editor (like notepad, notepad++) or use Localization editor like Attesoro.

Here is an example of an Chinese message file in VIM. You may also use notepad++.

  • To switch to your language you have
    Copy the translated message file in i18n directory
  • Shutdown instance of Floreant POS
  • Change locale in the operating system or run

Java with -Duser.langauage=<Language>  floreantpos.jar

  • if you know language & country

Java with -Duser.langauage=<Language> -Duser.country=<Country>  floreantpos.jar
Ref: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/articles/javase/locale-140624.html#using

Attesoro open file dialog.

You should see the translated look and feel.

Attesoro after opening access_rb.properties.

Localization Editor

Download attesoro

Attesoro is a free java editor that makes localization easy. Download latest version of Attesoro from here

Open i18n folder

Open the editor

Create / Edit Language file

Attesoro locale creation dialog.
Selecting a language and a key, then translating the text.

Translate & Save

You can see English string and translate messages in your language. When done save it.

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