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How do I allow remote computer to connect to PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL database server by default does not allow the remote computers to connect to that. This is restricted for security reasons. To allow remote connections to PostgreSQL database server from other locations you need to change the followings CONNECT TO THE REMOTE SERVER You can go to the computer or, in case that’s in a…

How can I setup with 58mm paper size in receipt printer

You can configure paper size from Receipt configuration in backoffice->Admin->Receipt Configuration. For more about this interface visit here . If you are using ESC/POS mode you can adjust text length. Check this page for more.

Large Image Size In Floor Plan Background

When you upload images in ORO POS Please consider the following, Properties Recommended Maximum/Other Image Type PNG JPG,GIF Image Size 100kb 500kb Image Dimension  1920*1080 3840*2160 You can compress images online using https://tinypng.com/   

Importing from spreadsheet gives out of range error

If you find the following error the spreadsheet may be corrupted or invalid. Download the spreadsheet from this page and add items to that and try again. 

How do I take backup and restore of ORO POS data

ORO POS stores both images and data inside the database. So a store needs to set up a practice scheduled backup of database either daily or weekly.   Before you backup a. Shutdown all terminals. b. Arrange an external hard drive or cloud based drive like dropbox.  Database type Backup Process Restore Derby Single  Copy posdb…

What is Department and Sales Area in POS

When implemented in a multi-outlet environment a business can manage sales by Outlets, Departments, and Sales Area. Outlets: Outlets are considered one separate store.  Departments: A large store can track their sales by departments. Each department can keep a separate price list for same items. Sales Area: Every department can have one or more sales…

How can I see analytics in Dashboard?

To access the dashboard, log in to the back office and go to admin->dashboard The dashboard will show  the following information Top 10 items Invoices Top 5 employees Payments breakdown Sales amount per day End-users can access to ORO POS database and produce reports with Business Intelligence tools.  The following information is displayed with a…