Differences between ORO technology and other non-Cloud POS


Other non-Cloud POS 

How ORO Technology  Does

Expensivestarts from $19.99 per terminal only
Upfront setup fee + other chargesAnnual Payments with no hidden charges.
Installed on-premise by a technicianMade intuitive. End-users are smart enough to install it without need of a technician.
Bulky proprietary touch screen terminalsChoice of own devices. It runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac. Also, it runs well in Java supported Tablets.
Data Storage
Computer in the back office of the restaurantData can stay in the back office. With extra payment, the user can sync data to ORO POS cloud backup.
On-location support mandatory.Auto upgrade and on-demand remote access support.
OtherSoftware is sold once with vendor locking.Low base cost with optional plugins. 

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